How do I use the Vstroker?
Plug the USB dongle into your computer. Insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment. The Vstroker easily screws onto the back of your Fleshlight. Download and start any Vstroker compatible media—start with your free video or download content from our members area—once the media is running, it will respond to your every stroke!

Do I need to install any drivers?
No, the USB dongle is plug and play and will install its own drivers on your computer when you plug it in. Your computer will recognize the Vstroker and inform you when the drivers have installed. This usually takes 15-20 seconds. You will need to make sure you have an updated version of Adobe AIR installed which you can download for free at get.adobe.com/air.

Does the Vstroker require batteries?
Yes, it requires 2 AAA batteries. Two batteries are provided in the box your Vstroker was shipped in.

How do I attach the Vstroker to my Fleshlight?
After inserting the batteries, screw the electronics housing tightly onto the adapter piece. Remove the small end-cap that came with your Fleshlight. Then screw the adapter piece onto the top of your Fleshlight. Like the Fleshlight cap, it can be adjusted to provide more or less air flow as you prefer.

How can I tell if my Vstroker is communicating with my computer?
The LED on the Vstroker will illuminate solid green when it is turned on. It will begin flashing green when the USB dongle is plugged in to indicate that it is communicating with your computer.

Is the Vstroker durable?
The chip insider your Vstroker is encased in heavy-duty plastic. It is as durable as a game controller or remote control. Normal or even rough use will not affect it. You should try not to drop, crush or bang the Vstroker on anything.

Is the Vstroker waterproof?
The electronics housing is NOT waterproof and contains electronics. Never allow liquids to get inside the battery compartment or the electronics housing. The adapter piece is intended to be removable for cleaning and is waterproof.

How do I wash my Vstroker?
You should not allow liquids inside the battery compartment or in the electronics housing. You can clean the outer surfaces of the electronics housing with a dry cloth or tissue. The adapter piece can be washed with water or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol the same as your Fleshlight. Allow all components to dry thoroughly before use.